Former student athlete dies from pancreatic cancer


Ariana Luster, an SF State student and track and field athlete, died Wednesday, Oct. 21 after battling cancer. She was a member of the Gator’s track and field team in 2013-2014. Ariana Luster, junior, prepares to throw a weight during a regular tack and field practice at the SF State track in Cox Stadium February 10, 2014. The throwers practiced for their last indoor meet, said Coach Nathan Desomber. (lsalvatin Akibake / Xpress, 2014)

Ariana Luster, an SF State student and track and field athlete, died Wednesday, Oct. 21, after a year-and-a-half-long battle with cancer.

Luster was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer July 17, 2014, according to her GoFundMe page.

Luster was a declared health education major, according to an email from Atina Delfino, a lecturer in the health education department.

Delfino said Luster was an amazing presence who had a positive energy and influence on her fellow classmates.

Luster graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 2010, where she was named Most Valuable Thrower of the Ocean League, according to the SF State athletics department website. 

Luster participated in track and field for the Gators in 2013 and 2014, according to the website. She had two semesters left before graduating, according to Delfino.

A moment of silence was held for Luster before the women’s soccer game Sunday.

The Health Education Student Association is currently working on planning a memorial for Luster, according to Delfino.