Water and plumbing issue at Cesar Chavez Student Center causes closures

Cesar Chavez Student Center has reported that the water plumbing was blocked and bathrooms were closed during one of the busiest times of day. The water functions next to Gold Coast Grill & Catering were out of service, earlier today.

Xiomara Carranza, 19, who works at Shah’s Halal Food, spoke about how the whole building was out of water, and how they didn’t have water to cook the rice and serve the customers.

Cesar Chavez Student Center has been one of the top places for lunch on campus, often with live music, colorful paintings on the wall outside of the building, and is full with all kinds of student activities from day to night.

Kristen Inouye, staff at Associated Student, Inc., said that the water plumber was blocked, and the people at Engineer office have the plumber fixed.

Plant Manage Tony Hayward, who is in charge of Engineer office X8-1250 at the lower conference level of Cesar Chavez Student Center, has yet to respond at this moment.