SF State foreign exchange student robbed at gunpoint in Village dorms


Courtesy of San Francisco State University office of VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management-Clery Report.

An SF State foreign exchange student was robbed at gunpoint and left uninjured by two male suspects at the Village at Centennial Square late Friday night. The victim’s backpack containing textbooks and an iPhone 7 were taken, according to an SF State Clery Crime Alert email.

Courtesy of San Francisco State University office of VP of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management-Clery Report.

The robbery occurred on Feb. 11 around 10:53 p.m., according to the campus security report, where the student was approached in the stairwell of the Building C dorms in Centennial Square.

The suspects were described as being between the ages of 25-30, one being a white male and the other a Hispanic-looking male wearing long-sleeved shirts and jeans. The report also stated that a black semi-automatic weapon was visible in the waistband of one of the suspect’s pants.

According to the University Police department, officers conducted a thorough search of the Village dorm; however, the suspects had fled the scene before the search.

“There are no updates in terms of the suspects, but detectives are working on the case and working on surveillance tapes of the building,” said San Francisco State University Police Lieutenant, Wailun Shiu.

The victim’s items have not been recovered as of yet since the device is un-trackable, according to Shiu.

Approximately six instances of theft or burglary have occurred through the end of January and February, however, none of them have been armed robberies, according to UPD crime logs.

As mentioned in the email sent out by Luoluo Hong, vice president of student affairs and enrollment management, the UPD is increasing their patrol around the Village. Students are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and make use of Campus Alliance for a Risk-Free Environment program services, such as campus escorts.

UPD has scheduled a follow-up interview with the victim to get more information regarding the suspects, Shiu says.

“The victim isn’t English speaking, so we’re working to get a translator [for the follow up],” Shiu said.

James Dudley, a San Francisco public safety and security consultant said in the occurrence of an armed robbery, it is best to to hand over whatever is being asked of you.

“Property can be replaced, making a run for it or trying to get it [get property back] isn’t a good idea,” Dudley said.

In terms of preventative measures, Dudley suggested going out around campus at night with a friend and making use of the campus CARE program. He also suggested taking an Uber home at times.

“The campus environment is pretty safe and robberies are pretty rare, but paying a couple of bucks to take an Uber or a taxi to get to your door,” Dudley said.

He also encouraged students to be more aware of their surroundings when walking home, not listening to music with earbuds in or playing on your phone.

CARE strives to maintain a safe campus by providing a student escort service available Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 11:00 p.m., according to the SF State CARE informational website.

Students with any information about the suspects or robbery, are urged to call UPD at (415) 338-2222. To request a campus shuttle escort, contact CARE at (415) 338-7200.