University Park South experiences a second break-in this year

An apartment in the University Park South area was burglarized on Saturday night while tenants were out.

University Park South is an apartment complex owned by the University where some students reside due to its convenient location near campus. According to University Police Department Deputy Chief Reginald Parson, UPS has seen 10 residential burglaries since January 2016.

On Saturday night, Carla Renee’s apartment was broken into while she was at work. Renee’s roommates made the initial call to UPD and upon her return from work, she also called in order to report what was stolen.

Renee is uncertain about the exact time the incident occurred but said the suspect entered through their closed, but unlocked, window on the bottom floor. UPD responded to the call by “processing the crime scene and conducting interviews,” according to Parson.

“I was extremely upset and felt pretty hopeless. I felt like my privacy and safety was completely destroyed,” said Renee, a fourth-year family consumer science major who has lived in the UPS apartments for two years. “If I had the ability to move, I would, but I don’t.”

Renee said that UPD has been keeping them updated on the progress of the investigation and that they intend to increase their presence in the neighborhood.

Psychology major Robert Smith, another student who lives in UPS, had his apartment burglarized about one month ago. The suspect broke their back window in order to gain entry.

Smith approximated that the incident occurred between 6 and 8 p.m. “If I was home, it’s kind of weird that I didn’t hear anything,” Smith said.

Smith and his roommates called UPD and reported the crime. The University responded by covering up their broken window with a wooden plank. The students have yet to recover the stolen items and have stopped receiving investigation updates.

“I think it’s cut and dry,” Smith said about the investigation. “It appears to be done; they haven’t given us any follow-ups.”

“If students are not getting any updates, there is no new information to share,” University Communications Director of News and New Media Mary Kenny said.

The items stolen from Smith’s apartment included a Macbook Air, charger and a backpack. Renee’s losses included electronics, jewelry, and her safety lock box that contained valuable items such as bank account information and other financial statements. Both students believe they will never recover their belongings.
The health, well-being, and safety of our students are our top priorities at SF State. We encourage students to take advantage of the safety resources available on the SF State website and to contact University Police in case of emergency at (415) 338 -2222,” Kenny said.