Far right cancels back-to-back protests

This weekend’s controversial far-right protests, slated to be held on both ends of the Bay, have been canceled—each citing violence for the sudden change of plans.

The city-stopping “Freedom Rally,” set to take place at San Francisco’s Crissy Field this Saturday, was canceled due to safety concerns, according to Joey Gibson, leader of the far-right group Patriot Prayer. Gibson made the announcement live on Facebook, opting for a press conference instead of the potentially violent rally.

“Alamo Sqare [sic] Park 2 pm in SF tomorrow for a news conference,” Gibson said in a Facebook statement. “We are asking the city to keep us safe. We are all excited for Berkeley!!”

Patriot Prayer looked to attend Sunday’s “No to Marxism in America” protest, according to Gibson, but has since lost the opportunity. The anti-Marxism event, organized by Amber Cummings, was slated to be held at Berkeley’s Civic Center Park this Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., despite being denied a permit by Berkeley’s Office of the City Manager.

Shortly after Gibson’s announcement, Cummings made one of her own.

“To the press and to the people, I am releasing this statement to inform the people that I am asking that no one come to my event ‘No to Marxism in America’…” Cummings said in a statement. “That being said I will be attending the event alone. I stress I DO NOT WANT ANYONE COMING and if they do you will be turned away…”

Civic Center Park has played host to several far-right protests this year, one of which saw an outbreak of violence that pushed its way into downtown Berkeley.

It’s unclear whether protesters and counter protesters will heed Cummings’s request to protest alone.