Gas line damaged outside Student Services Building


A construction worker kneels amid water and gas lines, among others, outside of the Student Services Building. Nov. 17, 2017. (Deveshen Veerasamy/Golden Gate Xpress)

On Friday, roughly around noon, there was a gas leak outside the Student Services building at SF State.

“We were using a jackhammer to make repairs to the waterline, but no one told us about the gas line,” said Rufino Gomez, plumber for Express Plumbing. “Nobody knew about the gas lines and so we mistakenly hit it without knowing.”

The gas leak was noticed by several students nearby when a noticeable smell started emanating from the ground around student services.

“It was just smell, no fire,” said Gomez. “But there are more pipes leaking now, not only the gas line but the water line as well. It was the concrete that was damaging these pipes because they weren’t properly protected.”

The new damage will put a delay on repairs and it will take at least another 10 days to complete them.