Campus-wide power outage leads to cancelled classes

A campus power outage led to several servers being down, wifi out, flickering lights and canceled classes on SF State’s campus on Thursday, Nov. 29.

The campus-wide power outage began at 1 p.m due to an unknown cause, and the campus was closed effective at 3 p.m. after an email from President Wong was sent out.

Co-curricular activities and all main campus classes are canceled, although there are no safety concerns in the buildings beside Thornton Hall, which has been shut down.

“A couple of PG&E outages in the neighborhood is what [probably] causing all this,” said SF State’s plumbing supervisor, David Hagstrom.

With some campus network services like iLearn being affected by the outage, two SF State students’ presentations were put on hold for their American Sign language course.

“[We] had to do a presentation and, since the teacher can’t input the grades into iLearn, he had to push it back,” said the broadcast and electronic communication arts Brianna Martinez.

Although happy to have more time on the presentation, the junior says she would have liked to have done it today.

“I would’ve gotten [the presentation] over with and focused on my other finals, but now I have to focus on it even more than I would have done today,” she said.

Her fellow classmate, Mehi Ledwon, also would have rather completed it today because she expects her professor to be a much harder grader next week when they do their presentation.

“He would expect more from us now. Even though we have more time, we also definitely have to have an even better presentation than we would have had today,” said the junior computer science major.

Even campus’ Cafe Rosso was affected. The cafe is only accepting cash instead of credit cards, which is causing an inconvenience for some students.

“I’m super tired, and I was super interested in coffee. I’m sad that I don’t get it but I’m a big person, I’ll get over it,” said junior english literature major, Charlie Schroeder.

Theater major Jessica Reinging’s show “Lysistrata” was canceled due to the outage after she got a text from a stage manager that the building the show would have been held is closed.

“I’m kind of bummed,” Reinging said. “I have been working on this show since the second week of the semester. And it’s my first main stage production here, and I was really looking forward to it.”

The campus will provide an update by 7 p.m to students.