Dean of The College of Ethnic Studies resigns

Dr. Kenneth P. Monteiro will be resigning his position as dean of the College of Ethnic Studies (COES) this upcoming spring. Monteiro declined to give a reason for his decision.

“I requested to exercise my retreat rights back to the faculty, some administrators like myself, who began in the faculty retain the right to return to the faculty,” said Monteiro.

Monteiro was dean of COES for 11 years and for the past six years aided the growth of COES classes, minors and graduation rates.

Amy Sueyoshi, Associate Dean of Ethnic Studies, says she’s sad that Monteiro will be leaving but fully supports his decision.

“He’s left an incredible legacy, both keeping the college stable with the budget crisis and how he’s really protected the faculty, especially in the last few years,” said Sueyoshi. “I really respect his leadership. He has taught me, educators and administration how to advance our careers…”

Under his leadership, institutional research shows that the COES improved graduation rates, even if students were not ethnic studies majors. The research discloses that even just taking a COES class would greatly improve the outcome and graduation success for students.

Monteiro is also responsible for teaching other schools who are attempting to learn from the ethnic studies department.

Students like Jacqueline Foley, student body president, will also miss Monterio’s leadership.

“Him stepping down was very hard for me to wrap my head around,” said Foley. “He has been a mentor for myself and many students.”

According to Sueyoshi, Monterio is hoping to get the acting director position for the Cesar Chavez Institute, but is still waiting for a reply from Interim Provost of academic affairs Dr. Jennifer Summit.

It is still unknown who will replace Dr. Monteiro, and President Leslie Wong has not responded to the news of Montiero’s resignation.