Tuition hikes will not be made for California State University system


Jacqueline Ortiz, Fresno State student, becomes emotional over the current situation CSU students are facing due to tuition increases, and disproportionate budget cuts at the State Capitol on Wednesday, April 4, 2018. (Amarah Hernandez/Golden Gate Xpress)

The California State University system will not increase tuition for the 2018-2019 academic year, according to a press release by Chancellor Timothy P. White.

This decision is a result of the continuing efforts from all 23 CSU campuses for better funding from the state. However, Chancellor White stated that the decision will come with consequences if state funding is inadequate.

“Without sufficient additional dollars, campuses will need to reevaluate staffing levels, programs and services. We would be put in the situation that less is achievable with insufficient funding – less than our aspirations and goals, less than our state’s needs, and less than our students’ expectations,” said Chancellor White.

Chancellor White pushes students to continue the efforts to push policymakers for better funding for all CSUs.

According to the CSU Public Affairs Department, Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon and former officio member of the CSU Trustees, stated that this was a good decision as it continues to support a diverse workforce for California.

“CSU students, faculty, staff and leaders have made a strong case for additional funding — and they are being heard. The Assembly is committed to increase funding for higher education, and will carry this commitment into the budget discussions,” said Rendon.