The Daily podcast presenting at SF’s Nourse Theater


The New York Times podcast “The Daily” will be presenting a conference this Friday, Sept. 21 at 7:30 p.m. for the first time at San Francisco’s Nourse Theater. Michael Barbaro, host of “The Daily,” and show producer Annie Brown will discuss how the news is reported and how the team creates the podcast in a conclusive way.

Barbaro will also talk to Kevin Roose, columnist of “The Shift,” about his examination of social media and the midterm elections.

“The Daily” is a 20-minute-long, five days per week daily news podcast and radio show by the New York Times that has been operating since January 2017. The show explores several news issues with transparency and integrity, breaking terminology in such a way that is easy to digest. Just over a year since its launch, “The Daily” has received a lot of positive feedback, with 3.8 million individual listeners since the beginning of August of last year.

Yatnari del Toro, an international business major at SF State, said, “Podcasts are the new thing that is trending. Rather than reading very complex articles about things we barely understand, these types of podcasts explore an easier view of the things we should already know.”

The event costs $29 for general public attendance and $10 for students.