Tickets sold out for The Daily’s conference


Michael Barbaro, host of The New York Times podcast “The Daily,” and producer Annie Brown sold out tickets for their discussion at the Nourse Theater on Friday, Sept. 21. The two discussed the struggles, highlights and overall strategies of creating the podcast.

The New York Times columnist Kevin Roose was also part of the event. Roose explained some of the actions he had to implement in order to make a successful column like “The Shift.” He mentioned having to learn how to work with people whose opinions were different than his, and having to stay calm when people try to attack him just to get a reaction out of him. He also shared snippets of his experience as an undercover writer at Liberty University.

One of the topics of discussion was the origin story of “The Daily.” The podcast premiered a few months after Donald Trump was elected President and those involved in creating it made it clear that it would not be another show discussing Trump’s latest tweets.

“Mainly because in some sense, there is no point in stating or discussing the obvious; the things he says are terrible,” Brown said.

The three also discussed how people are more interested in the news when the content is more flashy.

“The most reliable way to make someone follow a story is to make them angry,” Roose said.

The show ended with questions from audience members, ranging from how and when the show is made, to explaining their overall experience in the news industry.

“I think the show was overall very informative. It gives you a glimpse of how the show goes on, how easy and hard it can be at times, and overall, we can understand the struggles of being a journalist,” said SF State cinema major Sarah Gray.