ASI campaign encourages students to register to vote


Associated Students Inc. urged students to register to vote on Sept. 25, as part of a nationwide campaign for National Voter Registration Day with Rock the Vote.

The campaign comes shortly before midterm elections begin across the country, with California’s voting day slated for Nov. 6. According to a report issued by the Public Policy Institute of California in August 2018, only 19 percent of millennials (ages 22-37) in California are “likely voters”, compared to baby boomers (ages 54-72), which make up 39 percent of the state’s “likely voters.”

ASI encouraged Malcolm X Plaza passerby to vote with a link to voter registration printed outside, a table with pamphlets pointing to voter registration resources was also at the event.

Yleana Escalante volunteered for the first time with ASI on Sept. 26, with the Legal Resource Center. She still believes that voting is still important for instituting social change.

“If you want change, you need to start voting on current issues,” Escalante said. “One of the issues I’d like to see addressed is gun control.”

Some also believe that voting is important because representation is important.

“We saw the consequences of millennials, minorities, people of color not voting in 2016,” said Alex Carabajal, a volunteer for the Legal Resource Center. “I hope more people are paying attention to the news and getting mad.”

Hopeful voters can register to vote in the 2018 election by going to and filling out the online form.