Natatorium closure continues


The Mashouf Wellness Center’s natatorium remains closed prior to SF State’s campus closure due to unhealthy air quality and Thanksgiving break.

The natatorium initially closed on Nov.13 which prompted SF State’s Campus Recreation department to tweet, “The Natatorium will be closed until further notice! We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Campus closure due to the Camp Fire’s unhealthy air conditions occurred the day after the natatorium closed, prolonging students from being able to use the facility.

Two weeks later, SF State reopened campus, welcoming students back to attend classes, while Mashouf Wellness Center’s natatorium continues its closure without prediction to when it will reopen.

SF State’s Campus Recreation Department tweeted Sunday evening stating, “The Natatorium will continue to remain CLOSED until further notice.”

Though the natatorium may not be used, all other facilities at the Mashouf Wellness Center are open and exercise classes in the facility have resumed.