Supreme Court rejects defunding case against Planned Parenthood


The Supreme Court has declined to review a defunding case that would block most abortion providers from Medicaid, John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh have decided to turn away the petition siding with their liberal colleagues.

On Monday, December 12, The Supreme Court rejected the idea of examining whether states are allowed to block Planned Parenthood among other abortion providers, passing on a new abortion test that would allow the court to review cases that would suit a more conservative way.

In order for a case to take place, it takes four justices to agree to accept the case, Justice Clarence Thomas suggested that “Most of his colleagues were fearful of taking up a challenge involving Planned Parenthood,” according to Politico, an American political journalism company, that covers politics and policy in the U.S. and internationally.

The public fight between the anti-abortion group Center for Medical Progress and Planned Parenthood has been going on since 2015. After exposing Planned Parenthood in a video that exposes the company for selling fetal tissue. Even though Planned Parenthood claimed that the videos were misled, some states immediately terminated Medicaid provider agreements with the group’s affiliates according to NBC News.

Nevertheless, Planned Parenthood Tweeted “VICTORY: SCOTUS just allowed lower court rulings to stand in Medicaid “defunding” cases.” which would mean that Medicaid patients will be protected and can rely on the company for birth control, cancer screenings among other testings and treatments.