Uber crashes nationwide prompting #UberDown


The Uber app is experiencing an outage nationwide. Uber has released the following statement, “We are aware of a technical issue that is preventing some customers from using our app. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are working quickly to resolve the issue.” To follow the status of Uber and when it will be back up, DownDetector is offering an up to date status on the app.

“I don’t like how it [Uber] makes you wait a minute. It can still have you wait after the 60 seconds. I prefer Lyft anyways,” said Thomas Sebhatu, a SF State student majoring in Information Systems.

Not only is Uber down, but this outage has also affected UberEats. Users are reporting that the Uber phone line and website help systems are down as well via Twitter. Twitter users are referencing this crash as #UberDown on Twitter. Twitter users are also reporting how UberEats is still charging their users for pending orders regardless of the crash. However, for those that need to use this ride sharing app to get places, Lyft is still up and running.