Brief power outage prompts campus-wide alerts


SF State’s main campus was closed briefly due to a power outage and the university alerted the community to the closure and reopening of campus via a series of text messages, automated phone calls and emails early Thursday morning.

The first messages were sent out at 5:16 a.m. announcing that there was a campus-wide power outage, and details that the campus was closed came just under an hour later.

“Due to a power outage the main campus is closed until power is restored,” the second text message read. “Essential personnel should report for the duty. Please stand by for further updates.”

The university announced power had been restored at 7:24 a.m., but it was unclear if classes would be held at their scheduled times and an SF State spokesperson was unable to provide comment as of the publishing of this story. There has been no explanation as to the cause of the outage.

“I hope SF State cancel[s] classes today especially with them waking me up about the power outage,” said Tyrese Soriano, a Biology major, in a tweet at 5:40 a.m. Thursday. “It’s been crazy with the storm.”

Other students wondered if they should bother making the commute to campus.

“It affects me because I have to decide whether to stay home or still make the drive to San Francisco,” pre-nursing student Izabella Zamora told Xpress in a direct message on Twitter.

Zamora commutes from San Jose and it might have been a frustrating investment of time had she arrived to find the school still closed.

“If I stay home and classes resume, I have to take usually 40 minutes to an hour driving to school,” she said. “If I drive to school and classes are cancelled still then I have to make the drive back which could take longer because of traffic.”

Messages from the university announcing power had been restored and campus was reopened went out two hours after the first.