Students For Quality Education to host town hall on student safety


Students For Quality Education will host a student safety town hall at SF State as part of its “No Harm, Disarm” campaign on Tuesday April 16, to discuss student safety and get feedback on the issues that affect students most.

The town hall is part of SQE’s week of action to bolster awareness of the campaign and serve as an outlet for students to vent their safety concerns and form solutions.

This year coincides with the two-year anniversary of the murder of Humboldt State University student David Josiah Lawson and will include a brief introduction to the campaign and a discussion about the increased police presence on campus before an open-mic session.

“It’s an effort to not only learn about what student’s specific needs are, it’s about normalizing a space where we can talk about safety issues,” said Maria Rivera, 21, women and gender studies major and member of SQE.

“No safety concern is too big or too small,” they said.

SQE will use feedback they receive from students to update their campaign, formulate solutions, and guide students to existing campus resources.

Students For Quality Education began in 2007 as a student program of the California Faculty Association Interns in response to tuition increases. Since it has grown to cover and organize around all issues that affect the quality of education.

Every semester since Lawsons murder, SQE has organized a week of action to promote student safety.

“With this town hall were not claiming to be immediate problem solvers, we realized there was no direct channel for students to file their grievances,” Rivera said. “There are individual channels for very specific issues, but for a lot of issues there is no way students can voice their concerns.”

They said students need to confront the issues that are specifically putting marginalized communities at risk and affecting not only their sense safety but also their ability to learn at SF State.

The townhall will be in session from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the ROMC Conference room and will offer food and drinks with vegan and vegetarian options in an effort to address food insecurity on campus. The event is also ADA accessible.

Students are not required to stay for entirety of the meeting, SQE will host two hours of discussion to allow students a longer window to stop by and participate.

On Thursday April 18 from 3pm to 4 p.m. is HSS 131, SQE will put on a presentation to discuss their “No Harm, Disarm” campaign.

“We’re not here as a part of the administration to bargain for the university,” Rivera said. “We are here as students wanting to hear student issues and get student solutions.”