19 Apr 2011

Bible in need of gender-neutral language

In the beginning, God created a glorious being called Adam, man, and when he got bored he scrounged up the leftovers and made some chick named Eve. According to Genesis,

18 Apr 2011

Power restored after outage and quake shakes campus

A campus-wide power outage that left SF State in darkness today was followed by a 3.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked the University’s daily routine. According to a Pacific Gas and Electric

16 Apr 2011

Faculty approves new proposal for college reorganization

The newest proposal for college reorganization, proposed by President Robert Corrigan, has been approved by the faculty of SF State with 235.93 “yes” votes of the 380 votes cast. The

13 Apr 2011

Vice President Nava speaks to students occupying administration building

Robert J. Nava, vice president for University Advancement, is currently speaking to students occupying the Administration building. Nava is answering questions regarding the cuts to the University imposed by Gov.

13 Apr 2011

Students sit-in at administration building in protest of budget cuts

More than 60 students are currently gathered at the administration building demanding a dialogue with vice president for University Advancement Robert Nava regarding budget cuts to higher education. Nava has

09 Apr 2011

New referendum to be voted on by faculty

Academic Senate chair Shawn Whalen announced Wednesday that faculty will once again vote on the new University reorganization structure proposed by President Robert A. Corrigan. Provost Sue Rosser and Corrigan

16 Mar 2011

Japanese Student Association brings attention to disaster

The devastation of the tsunami following the magnitude 9 earthquake off the northeastern coast of Japan has left many fleeing while unaware of the next steps. While Japan faces growing

28 Feb 2011

House halts funding for Planned Parenthood, saves for the race track

The House made an appalling vote last week to strip federal funding from the national health care provider Planned Parenthood.  The anti-choice Congress touted a message of tough cuts for

10 Feb 2011

F-word considered unfashionable

Generation Y has proved that women’s rights are passé.  All that feminist squawking and arguing about things like domestic violence, equal pay and the impossible beauty standards enforced by the