Campus construction still has a way to go


Construction of new student housing that began last semester has surpassed the halfway mark, and construction of the new Liberal and Creative Arts Building that began at the same time is about one-fourth done, according to administrators involved with the project.  

View of construction on Tapia and Holloway, the new Liberal and Creative Arts building on Sept. 9, 2019 (Photo by Paisley Trent/ Golden Gate Xpress)

“The Holloway student housing is about 55% complete, and the Liberal Arts and Creative Building is about 25% complete,” Barry Jodatian, associate vice president of Capital Planning, Design and Construction said.

The mixed-use student housing project is being built at the corner of Holloway and Varela avenues, located across Holloway from the Administration Building. The facility will house more than 560 students in addition to providing retail space and neighborhood services, Jason Porth, vice president of University Enterprises, said.

“We anticipate that construction will be complete in the summer of 2020 and it will be ready to welcome its first residents for the fall 2020 semester,” Porth said.

The new LCA Building, SF State’s first new academic building in 25 years, should be finished shortly thereafter at the end of fall 2020.

“A variety of factors, including state agency approvals, complex soil conditions and the availability of key subcontractors to perform specific components of the construction, have all added some time to the project schedule,” Porth said.

According to Sami Reist, chair of the Broadcast & Electronic Communication Arts department, the BECA department will see the greatest transformation among academic departments out of all the other in-progress construction projects. 

The new LCA Building will be the BECA department’s new home, west of its current operation in the Creative Arts Building.

With the new building comes new equipment to the department, such as a TV newsroom, media production lab and radio station, Reist said. The planned four-story building will hold the KSFS low-power FM student-run radio station, a media presentation room, an audio recording studio and top of the line newsroom.

Reist said the LCA building is scheduled for completion in December of 2020 and will be available for use by the spring 2021 semester. 

“The construction team and our university colleagues in Capital Planning, Designing and Construction are making every effort to keep the project moving along, and as progress continues, we will be sure to keep campus community apprised of key milestones and the completion date,” Porth said.