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Music festivals are not the optimum concert experience

Brad Wilson

May 3, 2013

The dust and LSD has finally cleared after two smelly, hippie weekends of Brochella. We have reached that time of year between music festivals. Starting May 8-12, we will have Bottlerock in Napa Valley and at the end of summer,...

I'm a hipster and I know it

Brad Wilson

March 23, 2013

You can’t do anything without being categorized. If you listen to a certain type of music, wear various clothing articles, enjoy artsy-fartsy films or drink your coffee black, it is inevitable that someone out there is going...

Impacted majors may nearly double at SF State

Brad Wilson

February 19, 2013

The path through SF State, from application to graduation, might be getting a little bumpier next year. University administration announced Feb. 19 that it will be proposing the impaction of nine additional majors for the beginning...

The necessary evil that is bandwagoning

Brad Wilson

February 13, 2013

Now that the smoke has cleared and the tears are almost dried up from a 49er Super Bowl loss, we can address what no successful sports franchise is without: a bandwagon. San Francisco certainly was decorated in much more red last...

THE SWAMP: 'The Room' Recap

February 12, 2013

Campus crime update: A drug bust, bottle smashing and a false alarm

Brad Wilson

December 14, 2012

Where da weed at? A verbal altercation broke out at The Village at Centennial Square Dec. 6. Officers responded and approached the squabblers to abate the altercation. Upon further investigation, it was determined one of the subje...

Campus crime update: Mall vandals, door sealers and drunken shenanigans

Brad Wilson

December 4, 2012

Let's Go To The Mall...Today! There was a group of subjects that vandalized the Stonestown Galleria Dec. 1. When officers responded, the subjects were detained and told that the Stonestown security would hold them until the S...

Gradspring offers job hunting website for recent college graduates

Brad Wilson

November 29, 2012

College graduates have come to understand the stress and competitiveness of the job market all too well, and bridging the gap between college grads and companies has become a job in itself. Gradspring, an online job board and career resource for new ...

Campus crime update: A bathroom bandit, a bookstore thief and a stolen vehicle

Brad Wilson

November 27, 2012

Urine? You're out! Officers observed a women’s restroom window that someone had attempted to open in the Gymnasium Nov. 22. After some serious investigating, it was determined that access was not gained by this bathroom ba...

Campus crime update: a lonely knife, a bridge troll and a fashionable car thief

Brad Wilson

November 13, 2012

Sharp Things Nov. 9 there was a report of a knife left unattended at the J. Paul Leonard Library. Officers responded and took possession of the knife and marked it for destruction — which, if you think about it, is not entir...

Campus crime update: a cheaper transport, a crazed ex-boyfriend and a false ID

Brad Wilson

November 6, 2012

Medical Assistance Nov. 3 at Cox Stadium, officers responded to a report of a juvenile subject with a laceration on her head. Medics responded and treated the subject, who refused medical transportation and was transported to U...

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