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Dew Tour day four: Street style results, winners

BMX Street Style Final Results

1st Place – Garret Reynolds
Toms River, NJ, 93.00

2nd Place – Dennis Enarson
La Mesa, NJ, 89.63

3rd Place – Scotty Cranmer
Jackson, NJ, 89.63

4th Place – Corey Martinez
Nashville, Tenn., 89.25

5th Place – Dakota Roche
Huntington Beach, Calif., 89.13

Skate Street Style Final Results

1st Place – Ryan Sheckler
San Clemente, Calif., 90.25

2nd Place – Milton Martinez
Argentina, 89.75

3rd Place – David Gravette
Portland, Ore., 89.00

4th Place – Ryan Decenzo
Canada, 86.75

5th Place – David Gonzalez
Colombia, 86.00.

Three blocks on Harrison Street between Spear and Fremont streets were off limits for cars Sunday as the Dew Tour BMXers and skaters flooded the area for the downhill course street style competition.

The course, which served as the backdrop for the end of major Dew Tour events, featured makeshift ramps and obstacles created with anything from cars to shipping containers.

The street style event was a popular innovation for the Dew Tour. Riders and fans enjoyed the competition because they felt it was more true to what street skating is like.

“It’s rad that it was a downhill event, just like in the SF street. It’s real. It just represents skateboarding for what it is,” said Weston Baughman, 22, who has been skating for seven years and came to the city just for the Dew tour.

BMX rider Garrett Reynolds, who won the BMX Street Style Final Saturday, followed up with another win in the BMX street style competition Sunday. In his big run, he landed a huge 540 truck driver that had the Sunday morning crowd cheering excitedly.

The unique course incorporated the natural San Francisco downhill style that gave BMXers and skaters a chance to show their creativity — and they did.

After Ryan Sheckler practically won the competition with his first run, which included a backside lipslide down a rail and a frontside 360 indy up the step-up, the pressure was on for every skater to gamble big and try to top him.

In the final run of the day, Milton Martinez seemed dead set on doing just that.

He started out by doing a huge ollie off an iconic San Francisco trolley. Rolling downhill and building up speed, he decided to push himself and his board to the limit.

A big shipping container posed as the final obstacle at the end of the course, which skaters and BMXers rode on top of. At the end of it, a landing ramp gave them a target to land on when they hopped off.

During his final run, Martinez chose to forget about the landing ramp and ollie off the side of the container. The height from the top of the container to the city street was so great that his board snapped on impact, but he remained balanced enough to skate it out, broken board and all, sticking the move and pleasing the crowd.

Ultimately it was not enough, and Sheckler walked away with first place. Martinez came in a close second.

Feature image by Mike Hendrickson

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Dew Tour day four: Street style results, winners