ASI appoints new president after leader resigns


A new president of ASI, Phoebe Dye, stands in front of Cesar Chavez Student Center in San Francisco, Calif., Jan 27, 2015.

Associated Students Inc. appointed a new president Jan. 21 following the resignation of the board’s leader.

Former Vice President of Internal Affairs Phoebe Dye assumed Sara Padash’s role as president during the ASI board meeting. Padash, whose resignation was announced at the meeting on her behalf, stepped down after graduating, according to Executive Director Peter Koo.

“She graduated from here and moved on to the nursing program, so she’s no longer a student from SF State,” Koo said.

Unlike past resignations, the board was prepared for Padash to step down at this time, said Junior Representative Sarah Pishny.

“We were all anticipating this,” Pishny said. “I know a lot of resignations in the beginning of the year were unanticipated and this one we had all kind of at least understood what was happening and when it was happening so it wasn’t a blindside.”

According to ASI bylaws, the vice president of internal affairs succeeds the president in the case of a vacancy. Dye will be the third person to serve as president in the last five months.

“Our policy (is) we move up our internal affairs vice president because they work closest with the organization internally,” Pishny said. “Phoebe (Dye) has now succeeded into the president’s spot and now we will be filling the vice president of internal affairs.”

Dye requested board members submit letters of intent to fill her former role. Dye will recommend a new vice president for the board’s approval at the upcoming meeting Jan. 28.

“Well, I know I have big shoes to fill, so I appreciate your confidence in me,” Dye said at the meeting. “I look forward to this semester. It’s going to be a good one.”