Students face long lines to pick up new Gator Pass


SF State students await Gator Passes in the Cesar Chavez Student Center around noon on Monday. (McClelland/Xpress)

A line overflowed outside the Cesar Chavez Student Center as students waited to pick up their Gator Pass made available for the first time Monday afternoon.

The pass, which becomes effective in the fall, doubles as a Clipper card and student ID, gives students unlimited free MUNI rides (excluding cable cars) and a 25 percent discount on all BART rides to and from Daly City Station. Passes can be picked up through Friday between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the Cesar Chavez Student Center.

Students were eager for the arrival of the pass but some students were frustrated by the pickup process.

“I think the school messed up,” said Kaitlyn Kennedy, third-year communications major. “I have been waiting in line for an hour. I am not a happy camper.”

Although Kennedy was frustrated with the long wait time, she is grateful the pass is being offered to students.

“They should have offered this since the beginning of time,” said Kennedy. “I would have wanted to transfer sooner.”

Creative writing major Sean Smith believes the pass is a necessity because of the campus location. He said many students don’t have cars or access to alternative transportation.

“San Francisco is the definition of municipal,” said Smith. “I use public transportation every day, sometimes even multiple times a day.”

Megan Bograd, a third-year sociology major, thinks the school could have negotiated the terms of the pass to better serve student needs.

“Free MUNI is awesome, but the majority of our students take BART,” said Bogard in reference to SF State’s large commuter population.

Students unable to pick up their pass by Friday are advised to visit the Student Services Building to learn how to obtain it, according to information given by the One Card office.