Comedy night gets underway at The Depot


Seanan Kenney hugs host Tyler David Daguerre after his comedy set at The Depot on Wednesday, Sept. 5. (Tristen Rowean/Golden Gate Xpress)

Moonwalking hosts, jokes about depression and no sun –– it was all part of the fun at The Depot’s first comedy night of the fall semester, held on Wednesday from 6-9 p.m.

With sign-ups starting at 5:30 p.m., the open mic event presented 28 SF State student comedians. In addition to jokes about their depression and the lack of sunshine in San Francisco, the comedians riffed on awkward moments in their life. These included quips on sex, bad dates and realizing they have the same mannerisms as their parents. 

Alumni Tyler Daguerre and Alexis Rutledge hosted the event — their first night hosting as graduate students.

There was a five-minute time cap for the comedians’ sets.

First-year student Matthew Mejia thought the only problem with the event was the limited time cap. He suggested a 15-minute cap for performers to give them more time to prepare and establish a connection with the audience. 

“The event went great, we had no difficulties other than people running the light,” Rutledge said. The solution they came up with was to send Rutledge on stage to start moonwalking behind performers until they got off the stage.

According to Rutledge, there were some new faces at the event mixed in with familiar ones.

The audience ranged from students, out-of-towners, locals and friends supporting performers.

Comedian Brady Hold sings Adele lyrics verbatim off of his phone screen as part of his comedy set at the Depot on Wednesday, Sept. 5. (Tristen Rowean/Golden Gate Xpress)
A comedian finishes his stand up act by performing songs with his pencil at the Depot on Wednesday, Sept. 5. (Tristen Rowean/Golden Gate Xpress)