Campus vending machine temporarily shuts down


Oscar Rendon

The vending machine between the Administration Building and the J. Paul Leonard Library undergoes maintenance at SF State on Sept. 26, 2018. (Oscar Rendon/Golden Gate Xpress)

Students’ only option for late-night and weekend snacks is shut down, but fear not, the campus vending machine is going to reopen “any time now,” according to Chris Farmer, The University Corporation director of operations.

Farmer said he could not be more specific about the reopening of the machine, billed as “the only automated convenience store on campus,” which is adjacent to the J. Paul Leonard Library. 

Farmer said the vending machine is undergoing a name and equipment change because the previous company, which operated under the name Shop 24, folded, and another company — Open 24 — has signed a new lease with the university.

“This is a UCorp funded project,” Farmer said. “The service [Shop 24] was brought to campus five years ago as a response to a lack of open eateries, stores or pharmacies during late nights and weekends. So, Open 24 is extending that solution.”

Farmer said the $30,000 renovation project started at the end of July and will open once the credit card reader is installed.

“We expect to recoup this [$30,000] investment within the first year or two at most,” he said.

He said there will be no new merchandise in the machine, and the products will continue to reflect what is sold in the Lobby Shop inside the Cesar Chavez Student Center.