Downtown San Francisco’s Minna Gallery celebrates it’s 25th anniversary


Photo courtesy by Minna Gallery

San Francisco’s 111 Minna Gallery will be celebrating its 25th anniversary at 111 Minna St. on Friday, Oct. 5 with an art exhibition featuring more than 40 talented artists from the Bay Area.

The two-day celebration will kick off with an 11-hour party introducing the art exhibition and follow with a different DJ every 45 minutes. All attendees must be 21 and older to enjoy the Qoöl Extended Happy Hour.

“Expect a good party and a fantastic turnout of longtime Minna patrons and artists who have supported us and who we have supported over the years,” said Micah LeBrun, a self-taught artist showcasing his work in the art exhibition.

After being around for 25 years, workers at 111 Minna Gallery know talent when they see it and made sure to demonstrate it with more than 44 Bay Area and west coast artists.

“We have always cared about people and a positive, fun life experience for ourselves and others. It’s been about supporting artists in any discipline: paint, music, dance, video, sculpture,” said Michelle Delaney, a managing partner for 111 Minna Gallery on the Do the Bay event site. “Eiming [Eiming Jung, the founder] was the first person to put art, drinking and music together in a public business in San Francisco.”

LeBrun said any of-age SF State students or alumni could qualify to display his or her artwork at 111 Minna Gallery.

“We are a 21 and over venue, we only work with artists old enough to be in the gallery,” LeBrun said. “The number one qualification is talent. Whether emerging, mid-level career or established, we work with artists whose work stands out.”