A path into hope and liberation is seen in the “Incarceration to Liberation” mural at SF State, debuting on Oct. 4.


A new mural, titled “Incarceration to Liberation,” will be debuting on Oct. 4 at 4 p.m. at the Cesar Chavez Student Center at SF State.

This mural is a work born from the collaboration of Project Rebound at SF State and True Colors Mural Project at Berkeley City College.

Project Rebound at SF State is a program to reintegrate formerly incarcerated people to a college setting. The program has helped hundreds of formerly incarcerated people obtain a four-year degree and beyond since it was founded, in 1967.

The mural that will debut will showcase the mission of Project Rebound through the art created by Berkeley City College students and their instructors, Juana Alicia, and Tirso G. Araiza.

The work displays images of prominent figures involved with advancing incarcerated people as well as prolific figures of Project Rebound.

“There’s so many different images in this mural, you could look at it 4 or 5 different times and find different things,” said Project Rebound Regional Director Jason Bell, “but what we wanted to portray definitely is the idea of the shift of the evolution of human beings from this incarceration piece into something beautiful, and what’s sometimes overlooked.”