Campus Movie Fest rolls out the red carpet


The red carpet rolls out for the student filmmakers of SF State at the Jack Adams Hall. Celebrating it’s 10th year with the school, Campus Movie Fest allows and assists students in making a short film in a week.

Open to friends, family and crew of the filmmakers, a reception for all will be held in the Jack Adams Hall at 6:30 p.m. and following that, a premiere of the top 16 films that were submitted.

According to Raghav Ravichandran, a former participant in CMF and employee, the video submissions are sent to an anonymous panel of faculty at the participating school that bases the films on content, overall quality, and technical excellence. Students were provided with all the equipment and software to make a five minute short film in a week. According to Ravichandran, 251 students formed 51 teams and were to compete against each other to be one of the top 16.

Third-year student, Adriana Yip, is unsure if she is going to attend the premiere because she has put much of her personal feelings into her film. “I’m pretty nervous but I’ll be ready if I decide to go,” Yip said.

Student filmmakers can receive multiple awards such as an Audience Award for the team who brings the most people to the premiere. The top four films will receive the Jury Award giving filmmakers a year long subscription to Adobe Cloud, tickets and a chance to participate in the TERMINUS film festival and a chance to apply for the Cannes Film Festival. CMF has is own Silver Tripod awards to hand out for categories such as best director, best editing, best cinematography and more.